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Drifter Based Nearshore Observation System


WAVY-NOS is a radically new approach to in situ monitoring of littoral areas. Instead of following pre-set trajectories, multiple surface drifters are deployed simultaneously for taking observations with different sensing payloads. Multiple deployments of the drifters, either simultaneous or sequential, will compensate for the uncertainty in drifter trajectories. All data will be stored onboard, but positions and alarms will be sent at a low rate to a Mission Centre via GSM.

WAVY-NOS drifters will be available
with different payload sensors:


Designed to collect bathymetric and backscatter data in the nearshore, including the surf zone. Data can be used to characterize the seafloor and identify features in the water column.


Equipped with a hydrophone to acquire samples of sounds. Data can be used by ecologists to detect different types of animals, its movement and any existing threats.


Equipped with a down-looking optical camera to collect video footage of the bottom or any object in the water column. Data will help in seafloor characterization and habitat classification but many other applications are expected to arise from this sensor such as ecology studies and detection of marine litter.

WAVY-NOS project is funded by the EEA Grants, under the Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs (Blue Growth) program operated by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Maritime Policy of the Ministry of the Sea (DGPM).

Código Grace: PT-INNOVATION-0098

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